Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ready for another Wish Ride

Hello All
Sorry I have not posted in a while but been alittle busy with work and family. On Aug 24,2013 we will head East to Harleys birthplace,yes Millwakee. If you noticed I said we. A group of fellow IEHOG Chapter members will be riding east with us. I plan on visiting a cpl of wish houses on the way but have not decided which ones yet,but you can bet a dollar that we will be supporting our wish kids and making everyone aware of our special mission. When we arrive we will be staying about 30 miles outside the city and riding into the 110 aniversery party. Also going to take in a Angel game. When I leave the Harley Party I will head to the Wish Castle in New Jersey. You all will be amazed at what they built for their kids to have a very special place to relax,forget about their life threatening illnesses and just let that one heart felt wish come out and be known. You see these wishes are granted to children with life threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope,strength and joy. They only happen because of people like you that have a special place in their hearts to support our kids. If you all remember we have a special kid among us and an angel watching our backs. This is going to be my 5th year of fulling my promise to always help our wish kids and to make sure Dylan is safe and happy. I keep my promises. I will write every night while on the road and I am sure we will have some really cool pictures for you but please remember our wish kids need your help. Any kind of donation will help and as always 100% of all donation dollars go to our  wish chapter to provide the much needed resources to make a local childs one heart felt wish come true.
Everyone have a great night
Keep the chrome side up

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