Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Four Corners Ride For Wishes 2011

Today I found myself surrounded by some of the staff at the Georgia and Alabama Wish House. They are very busy and will grant over 300 wishes this year alone and should reach their 5,000th wish granted by year end. Thank you very much for allowing me to visit with the staff .Georgia & Alabama Chapter rocks!
I am in lenox,Georgia and it is Hot and humid here,so I cut it short today after riding only 408 miles. This trip so far has not been much for picture taking but that will change tomorrow when I get off the interstate for 100 or so miles and hit some back roads of georgia/Florida. As you can tell I have decided to go to Flordia corner first so I can get all this warm weather behind me and get up north. I have not decided if I will take Canadain roads west after reaching Maine but I will let you know. Coming through Atlanta today was a real thrill. Traffic in the big cities are no different here then at home, Very heavy but the other drivers seem to be alittle more laied back and easy going. I met a Georgia officer today,(no not while getting pulled over) at a gas stop and he was a young guy,he reminded me to be safe, before we parted our ways I gave him a card and told him to read about Ride For Wishes. I pointed out that like him, Dylan's wish was to be a police officer, we shook hands and parted ways.
I was reminded today that no matter how much we plann mother nature is in control so I am going with the flow and going to put my back side in the seat and head into Florida tomorrow. I am looking forward to swimming in both the gulf and Atlantic.
Everyone have a great night.
Keep the chrome side up.

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