Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Four Corners 2011 Ride For Wishes

I made it to Florida and I am done for the day in Key Largo. While in Florida I visited with staff at the Bonita Springs wish house. The staff were very friendly and gave me a warm welcome. I showed them Dylan's wish day video and got them to come out of the cool AC for a quick photo. The weather was very nice today because it was either cloudy or a light rain from Bonita Springs to where I am now in Key Largo. I rode 633 miles today with the last 100 or so in the rain,there went the clean bike again/LOL. I will get up early and get to Key West before the crowds and get bussiness taken care of,then I am going swimming in the gulf. While at the wish house today I got reminded about what this ride is all about. The kids that have life threatening medical conditions are very special and by all the pictures on the walls you could see all the hope,strength and joy in each of them,it was very uplifting and gave me more inspiration to ride further today. I am going to stop early tomorrow so I will have more time to spend and reflect on the past week. All the support I have recieved has been great and I thank each and every one of you, it is that support that makes these wishes come true.
God Bless You All.
Keep The Chrome Side Up.

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