Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 9 Four Corners Ride For Wishes 2011

After leaving Key Largo yesterday I made it to Key West and was able to get the huge crowd moved away for this photo. I did not hang any wish stars at this corner because of the crowds but when I get to Maine it will be more laied back there and not alot of people to deal with. I rode 650 miles yesterday. Afetr leaving Key West I stoped for the night in Jacksonville, Fl.

I got an early start this morning so I could take in some NC country side and visit our buddies at the lick. Even though they were all at a meet and greet I still got some cool pictures and left them all with wish stars and braclets. I am in Rocky Mount,NC which is 550 miles from where I started this morning, just off the 95 and west of Raleigh,NC. Today was very nice day,not bady hot and no rain,we will see what tomarrow brings. I am going to shoot to be somewhere in PA tomorrow depending on weather so we will see how goes. This ride has been alittle harder this year for some reason. I think leaving later this year brought warmer weather which is always hard to ride through. I should be in Maine/second corner by sunday and be at the Camden wish house sometime monday. I do kow now I am going to stay in the states and not enter into Canada.

I would like to thank everyone for their support. Knowing there are people like you guys in the world that are willing to help a child be granted a wish is priceless.

You all have a great night and look me up on face book at "Rideforwishes Rides" I have started an album in my profile there which will have all the pictures within the next hour or three

Keep the Chrome Side UP


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