Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 11

Hello All
Well today started at 0600 in the morning and did not end until Wed morning at 0900. I left the little city about 2 hours north of the Montana/Canada border and arrived home in 27 straight hours and 1532 miles total for Tues/Wed. I am sure alot of you are asking why travel so many miles in one day,well I did it to see if I could do it and another was when I found out Dylan was missing me really bad I knew I needed to get home and spend alittle time with him before he goes off to Dream Street Camp for the week. Dream Street is an organization from LA that sends kids to camp that have special medical needs.I am sure he will have a better week at camp knowing I was home before he left. Dylan was funny because before I left for Alaska I asked him what does he want me to bring him home from Alaska,he told me he wanted a new full face helmet like the one I got before I left on the trip.Well Dylan got his new helmet that I sent from Alaska today. My last day on the road started out wet and got better by the mile. when I hit Montana it was raining and the cars and trucks coming out of Glacer National Park had snow on there hoods,so I stayed in the low lands.As I got further south near Butte Montana I looked down at my rear tire and found it was in need of replacement so I pulled into Idaho Falls and got some new rear rubber installed and I was back on the road within a couple of hours.Going through the desert at night was a smart move because I found out later it was 118 in Vegas yesterday so riding all night saved me from alittle hot weather. All in all it was a great trip and is something I will do again in the future. I would like to thank everyone that donated to the Make a Wish Foundation and your donations are sure to help a child have a wish of a lifetime.I would also like to say to my wife kathy,You are an Angel from Heaven because without your love and support I would never have been able to do this ride. Kathy you see is the rock of this family she was there for Bobby when Dylan got sick and was the one that stayed by his bedside 24/7 while my brother held down his job to provide for Dylan,so Kathy you are not only the rock of this family but you are my hero and I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. To all my Family,Friends,Co-workers I would like to thank you all for the support you have shown and no words can describe how I feel, all I know is I am one lucky guy to have you all in my life. Ok you all must be wondering here it is, 7663 total miles for the trip,11days, for an average of 696.5 miles/day.
Everyone have a great night and Keep The Chrome Side Up

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