Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 4

Hello all

Well the first two days were hot hot hot and now they are wet wet wet. Rode 576 miles today and it rained 450 of those miles. I stoped tonight in Mc Bride B.C. I crossed into Canada this morning not knowing what to excpect seeing I have never been here before. The border gaurd named Ted was a very kind man that asked a few questions and when I told him I was helping The Make a Wish Foundation he reached in his pocket and gave me two dollars and told me to keep the rubber side down. I then told him about this blog and that I always end it with Keep the chrome side up,he laughed and said hit the road. The mountains are awsome up here. All through Idaho I did not see any wild life, but no more then 5 miles into Canada I looked over and seen a family of Turkey(got a pic) a few hours later in Jasper National Park seen a bear munching berries on the side of the road, but it was pouring rain so did not stop,just slowed got a look and kept going(way to many people stoping was going to cause an acident) and then a few miles up into the mountains got a couple of pictures of Big Horn Sheep. all and all it was a good day maybe tomorrow will be alittle more dry but if not I will just bundle up and gut it out.
you all have a great night and will write more tomorrow.
Keep The Chrome Side Up

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