Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 8

Hello all
Sorry again I have not been able to write due to connection problems.
Day 8 I found myself with a choice, fight more rain and 125 miles of gravel road to the Artic circle or leave the god forsaken place the people up north call fairbanks. I chose to head home and as I rode south the weather started getting good. what a change!!!! so I rode,rode,and rode right into another storm.I took shelter in an old abandoned shack,After about an hour this old guy named john came driving up and asked me what I was doing in his shack?? I told him I tried to contact someone at the motel down the road to get a room so I took shelter here.He said I was not home and that it is his motel,go to room two,get a shower and a good nights sleep and come into the store in the morning and settle up on the rent for the night.I could not get on my bike fast enough and head for room two. On my way I was thinking I do not have a key to the room so I followed John up to his house and he told me he has not locked the doors to the rooms for 30years.(He knew what I was going to ask him) so I went took a shower and got a great nights sleep (picture of the bike in front of room two). When i woke up I looked at the miles I rode sat and boy was I surprised when it said 1069 miles on Sat July 11,2009. I knew I had rode alot of miles but did not think it was that many. anyway I went to the store and settle up on the room, had a breakfast sandwich and was on the road again for day 9. Day 8 took me from Fairbanks to Watson Lake and I got a few good pictures as you can see.

ok I am going to write a day 9 blog now

Keep The chrome Side Up


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