Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 3

hello all

Rode 396 miles today.Was alittle tired from the long day yesterday. I am in sandpoint Idaho,about 80 or so miles from border. Dawson creek is about 700 or so miles from here and that is the start of the Alaskan highway. I had breakfast with a couple from Idaho this morning and when I talked about the ride they were so taken back they asked me for a form so they could donate to the cause. I told them that their chapter in Boise would recieve the donation and they said as long as it helps a child it does not matter where. I did run into some rain today near sandpoint so thats when I decided to stop and start fresh in the morning.

until tomorrow everyone have a great night

Keep The Chrome Side Up



  1. Glad to see you slowed down a little after yesterdays marathon ride! Keep up the good ride. Enjoy

  2. What's up Dave it is Derek and Daniel! Good to see the ride is going well. Keep up the good work.

  3. Way to go Dave. I took some of your poster's to work and they were gone before lunch time! Pace yourself and know that we are rooting for you.
    Danny said even the "hick towns" have names!