Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 10 & 11

Hello Everyone,Sorry I did not write something yesterday but had no connection last night. Yesterday started off great. The morning was a brisk cool and traffic was very light. I made it into Maine late evening and started looking for a room,no luck everything was booked so I kept moving north. I then relized it was close to midnight and I was not going to find a room so I stoped at a reast area found a bench and made that home for the night. I managed to get a few hours sleep before I woke up to the sounds of a cop knocking on the wood table asking if I was alright. I was perfectly fine until you woke me up,I told him. He told me he was watching me and I was not moving so he wanted to make sure I was ok,Thats ok I told him it is time to get up anyway and get moving. I looked at the odometer on the bike and it told me I had rode 934 miles the day before,not bad considering I had to make miles through NY City,Philly and a couple of others. I made it to Madawaska Maine today in the late morning and a light rain, It is raining buckets right now but I am all tucked into a room for the night.Total miles for the last two days is 1240 miles which is alittle over 5000 miles for the trip so far. I looked at the back tire today and it is looking good still but I will need to stop and get the oil changed once I clear this weather west of here.

When I stoped for gas today a young guy came up to me and thanked me for what I was doing, He knows all about the Make-A-Wish Foundation seeing his son's wish was to go to Disney World. I handed him a card and told him he could read about my ride to help other kids have wishes granted. You know last night was kinda cool. I feel asleep under the stars and it was not raining so I had things to be thankful for. I am going to start heading west tomorrow and with some luck should be in Blaine Washington sometime late in the week.

Everyone have a great Labor day tomorrow and Thank You so much for all your support.

Keep the chrome side up.


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