Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 4


Today I found myself surrounded again by a wonderful wish house staff,this time in Little Rock Ar. I covered 398 miles today. I am about an hour away from Nashville TN and yes you guessed it there just so happens to be a wish house in that city also. I will visit them in the morning and head toward Nasherville NC. I should be able to make both,but the weather is making me stop more often, It has been hot and humid with rain scattered since Day 2. I am getting good and dodging thunder storms. I hear it is clear on the north east coast just very hot and humid there also,but I am determinded to make New York. I am looking forward to getting into some cooler weather,I hear the north is cool. I am leaning towards a canada route home then come down into Idaho then over to the coast. I still have a cpl more days to decide, Any idea's out there? anyway everyone have a great night

Remember it is not what you ride as long as you ride for wishes.


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