Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 3

I visited with Megan at the Amarrillo wish house.That chapter covers all the pan handle of texas and they do it with a staff of 4 people,which is a huge area. Keep up the good work Megan.
In the top picture I found myself surrounded by the staff at the Oklahoma Wish House. It was a great visit.The staff got to see Dylans wish video. They were all thrilled to see it and I even gave them a copy so they could share it with others. I would like to thank both Amarrillo and Oklahoma Wish house staff. They welcomed me with open arms. I am sitting here watching the weather and it looks like I got out of Oaklahoma City just in time.they got 3 inches of rain an hour after I left,so dodging storms today was what I was doing. I made about 430 miles today. I did not make Little Rock today but I should be at that wish house by mid morning tomorrow.
I would like to thank everyone for their support.I enjoy reading your comments on facebook. You all have a great night and I will write more tomorrow
Remember always hope for the best,then deal with the rest.
Keep the chrome side up

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