Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 9

hello everyone.
The day started off riding into a rain storm and then got alot better. I am about 65 miles west of Mill. Wisconson. I did visit the wish house in Cleveland OH. with over one hundred kids on there list waiting to have there wishes granted,they are very busy. I would like to thank there staff for the warm welcome.Keep up the good work making wishes come true for the kids in OH.
As I got closer to the big cities I thought I was back in LA. Those people were trying to take me out so I down shifted and got the heck out of there. I am going to be able to avoid big cities now. Going right through the heart of america has reminded me of the more simplier things I take for granit. Mainly the roads we get to ride on back home are like glass compared to the roads in the east. I am heading west and will be somewhere short of Montana by tomarrow. I am going to ride through Glacier National Park when I get there. The last two times I was in that area it was snowing up there and yes both times were in July. anyway I will write more in the morning.
Take Care and enjoy the pictures

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