Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 10

Hello Everyone

Today was a nice cool day for a change. It was only in the 80's. I rode 430 miles today. I am about 2 hours east of Fargo ND,which is where I will make a visit tomarrow to the wish house in that city. Today I was thinking alot about my family. I look forward to getting home,doing some chores and relaxing for a day or three. Today I met a young boy who really wanted to ride the bike. His mother was in hurry but as soon I started telling her about my rideforwishes she seemed to slow down a bit. You see her Nephew was also a wish kid and got his wish to go on a disney cruise granted a few years ago. Her son got to sit on the bike and left shortly after that with a smile on his face and a wish star in his hands. Seeing this kid reminded me of Dylan and how full of questions these kids are at that age. I told him he has to be a good boy and listen to his mother. She thanked me for reminding her that a stranger is a friend you have yet to make.

I have really enjoyed this trip so far. remember that challenges we face in life are like drops of water in the ocean compared to the challenges the kids face fighting these life threatening illnesses. Lets all band together and help make wishes come true. Print out the flyer and send it in with your donation. Big things happen when a child is granted ONE WISH.

Everyone have a wonderful night.


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