Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 5

Good Evening all

Today I covered 468 miles with the last 75 through the smoky mountains,What a great area,sure beats the flat lands between nashville and Flagstaff,Az. Today I visited the wish house in Nashville,TN. What a great staff they have in Nashville as you can see above.They gave me a huge wish star and I made it stick to the back of the bike.I had some well wishers give me friendly honks of encouragement today,which I needed because it was super hot and very humid today.Tomorrow after I visit the wish house in Nasherville,NC I am going to ride the Blue Ridge Highway into virgina with a goal of making the New York border sometime in the evening.I would like to thank everyone for all their support,but dont forget there is more kids that need wishes. I seen online tonight about the little boy whos wish was to be a super hero in Santa Ana . He had a wonderful day which started with a meeting with the Mayor so she could give him a list of villans. He then went out in the batcar on patrol. Way to go MAWOCIE for making a special little boy's wish to be a super hero come true,YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

Have a great night


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