Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 7 & 8

Hello All
Yesterday started out good and then got a couple of set backs. First off I made it to New York City,as you can see from the picture of the Lady. then on my way out of town on the turn pike I hit a huge bump in the road. The camera and phone both went flying out of there holders,well I caught the camera but the phone is in a million parts somewhere on that road. So being the good hubby I am I went to a starbucks for some tea and to write kathy about loosing the phone, Thatdid not work either the computer did not want to load explorer or any other browser. I went and found a AT&T store and got a new phone. Kathy wrote the facebook message last night. This morning I went to best buy where the geek squad is located and low and behold they fixed it in about 15 mins and to my surprise they did not charge me a dime. well why I waited for best buy to open I got my laundry done. so around noon I was on my way west again via highway 6 in PA. that is another great road with ALOT of little towns. I rounded a corner and guess whatI found??? yeppers more BBQ. There was this guy named James and boy was he cooking some great meat. I proceeded to get me a box of ribs to eat later seeing I had just stopped and had lunch at this little country diner where I had the best cooked sweet carrots I have ever had.The chicken and gravy over potatoes was awsome too.The bill for the box of ribs and chicken lunch $15.Wish we could eat out like that back home. Over the course of the last two days I rode 1081 miles and I am just outside the city of Cleveland. I am hoping to be home sometime this week. I am going to take the more northern route home. I am looking forward to seeing the pacific ocean again. I have covered alot of miles the last week and the back side is starting to tell me. I knew this would be a challenge but please remember that the reason I am doing this is for the kids with life threatening conditions. the challenges they face are huge and they deserve our support to help grant them ONE WISH. Thank you for everyones support and if you know someone that would like to help please print out the flier and send it in with your donation.
Thanks and keep the chrome side up.

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  1. awesome pics Dave. Sorry about the phone. Thank goodness for Starbucks! Drive safe and keep us're doing a great job.