Friday, July 9, 2010


Day six found me riding alittle short of 350 miles with 210 of those miles on the best road I have ever riden. Blue Ridge Parkway through the mountains in North Carolina. turn after turn was picture perfect. Traffic was very light on the parkway so it was a great ride. I am about 400 miles from New York City so we will see what tomarrow brings. I did try to go visit the staff in Asherville wish house but I found out she does not get there until 11am so I did not want to wait. Sorry I missed them but they were out in the field planning an event to help make wishes come true. I did take a bunch of pictures today that I will post when I return home but the one above is kinda cool. Tomarrow looks like I will run into scattered rain,seems to be following me,whats up with that???? anyway I hope you all have a great weekend

Keep the chrome side up


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